• £1 billion of loans to be released to “unblock large housing developments on sites in Manchester and Leeds and across the country”
  • Housing revenue account borrowing limit to be increased by £300m
  • Tax breaks for shale gas
  • Employment legislation to be amended to prevent employment intermediaries being used
  • £13 billion will be spent on Northern transport
  • £61 billion will be spent on road investment (the biggest spend since 1970)
  • Construction of HS2 to link the Midlands to the South will begin
  • Spending on transport infrastructure will be increased by 50% by the end of parliament to make a ‘permanent pothole fund’
  • New university to be created in Hereford in 2016 which focusses on engineering
  • Construction will begin on the £106m Norwich Northern Distributor Road by the end of the year
  • £300m Transport Development Fund supporting development work for “transformative transport infrastructure projects”
  • Apprenticeship levy of 0.5% to raise £3 billion to fund new apprenticeships.

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